Getting dream students online just became way easier!

Is this you?

  • ❌You're sick of trying sleazy tactics and or waiting around for your next student

  • ❌You have big dreams for your music studio but you're stuck on this small annoying thing called marketing

  • ❌You have gotten leads and students online but it feels random and unpredictable

Is this you?

  • ❌You're sick of trying sleazy tactics and or waiting around for your next student

  • ❌You have big dreams for your music studio but you're stuck on this small annoying thing called marketing

  • ❌You have gotten leads and students online but it feels random and unpredictable

Imagine This...

  • Getting students online ISN'T a guessing game anymore

  • You EASILY attract incredible students WITHOUT spending hours on social media

  • You give yourself full permission to throw away any marketing strategy that doesn't feel good to create a FEEL GOOD yet POWERFUL strategy that works FOR YOU

  • You start seeing big results in your online music business even without being a big name or having a big following



teaching you how to stop the scroll and turn the scroll into sales.

Learn how to attract the right future students online EVEN if you're new to social media marketing, don't have a lot of time and are camera shy.

Having a repeatable and predictable online marketing strategy can open so many doors for your music studio. Whether you want to get more 1-1 students, start a group program or course, having an engaged audience online makes it all possible.



You will learn

  • noun-social-media-2699460

    How to identify the perfect ideal student that is easy to create content for, connect with and turn into students!

    • Learn how to find your Purposeful and Profitable Niche so you can create compelling content and not just be "another music teacher" 
    • How to connect with your Target Market so you don't feel lost online but are clear on WHO you're talking to and WHERE to find them 
    • How to build a strong brand online so people know who you are and want to sign up with you 

  • noun-email-3282751

    How to effectively build a relationship online based on trust and authority.

    • Learn how to invite prospects off social media and onto an email list so you have another place to connect with them
    • How to get excited about sending emails (and receiving replies!)
    • How to convert your online followers and subscribers into students 

  • noun-digital-marketing-3187705

    How to get students online without spending hours a day doing "all the things"

    • Get our best performing templates and frameworks which makes creating content easier than ever
    • Get rid of writers block and learn how to always have ideas and thoughts to share 
    • How to use the best online tools to actually enjoy marketing and make it more time efficient. (Let them do the work for you while you spend less time on marking and more time on other things!)

This is not cookie cutter, do as we say or fail. It is a tried and proven method for repeatable online student attraction.


Hey it’s Brocha here (the social media person here, Jaime is the email one) when I first started on social media I thought it wouldn't take me far.

I wasn’t a big name, was shy on camera so definitely didn't have perfect pictures or videos and did not have hours a day (or the patience either) to spend hours a day following all the social media gurus advice.

But after some time I actually started seeing big results

  • Even with a small audience
  • Still being shy on camera
  • And a small email list.

Because I did have something REALLY powerful

A way to connect, nurture and convert people from people who had no idea who I was to people who knew and trusted me enough to buy from me!

With 2 repeatable and predictable marketing systems. Social media and email.

This truly changed everything for me and I went from feeling like I was throwing spaghetti at the wall with my marketing to having confidence in my sales system.

Now I want you to have the same!


My online music studio took off since then and I've never looked back since.


Are you looking to

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    Fill Your Roster

  • noun-online-business-1618341

    Make More Money

  • noun-calendar-425374

    Work Less

Through ELEVATE! you’ll be able to use our straightforward system to achieve these goals!

Are you ready to have both a way to nurture and engage prospective students and a way to help them find you in the first place?

It's time to ELEVATE! your music studio online with us

Here are the logistics...

  • A 9-module course 
  • Two instructors who work exclusively with music teachers and studio owners
  • Recorded trainings and worksheets
  • Flexible payments (1x $697 or 3x $265)

Module 1

Lead Magnet

In Module 1, you will learn what makes a good online relationship and how to ethically email prospective students. After this module, you will be ready to create your first lead magnet (a tool to help you become seen as a leader and sought after teacher!)

Module 2

Landing Page

In Module 2, you will learn how to make the invitation to provide your free gift. You will know how to have an effective web page to collect email addresses.

Module 3

Welcome Series

In Module 3, you will learn about the first week of emails. So that, you’ll quickly be able to provide prospective students with a win (and they’ll be poised to want more from you!)

Module 4

Broadcast Emails

In Module 4, you will learn how to continue the conversation via email. By the end of this module, you’ll be ready to teach, motivate, inspire and sell via broadcast emails.

Module 5

Social Content

In Module 5, you will learn about the different kinds of content you can create for social media. So that you can begin to create content that performs well on the platform.

Module 6

Social Growth

In Module 6, you will learn how to consistently grow your social media accounts. So that you’ll be able to reach more dream students online.

Module 7

Compelling Content

In Module 7, you will learn how to work with the social media algorithms. By the end of this module, you’ll be poised to double-down on creating compelling content!

Module 8

Direct Messaging

In Module 8, you will learn how to move the conversation from the feed into direct/private messaging. By the end of this module you’ll be having quality sales conversations via direct message.

Module 9

Attract, Nurture & Convert

In Module  9, we will tie it all together. After you have finished Module 9 you will be able to consistently attract leads on social media, build a deeper relationship with them through email marketing and have the tools necessary to generate sales!



A bit about me.. (Jaime)

I have worked with hundreds of clients since starting my online business in 2010 and one thing that comes up time and again is a disconnect between what my clients want to achieve and how to get there.

That's where this course comes in, it breaks down and helps you break through the how so you can achieve the what.

I partnered with Brocha because she is insanely talented at helping our clients clarify their message and create an impact on social media. She partnered with me because I am able to erase all the tech mumbo-jumbo and make it easy for music teachers to be successful with online tools.


Social media and email marketing are your 1-2 punch to endless potential students and an online music studio designed to fit your lifestyle!


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. This is a self-paced course that you can work through on your own time.

You have lifetime access to the course material. Should the course no longer exist online, you will have the ability to download the course material. Access may be moved to another platform at any time, 30 days notice will be provided.

Support will be provided through monthly office hours with one of our coaches. 

You are welcome to contact Brocha or Jaime via Instagram